Dirt, Styrofoam, Other Stuff: Pink Line Project breaks down the Flashpoint Gallery’s current exhibit “Site Aperture,” to which artists Talia Greene, Mia Feuer, Margaret Boozer, and Mariah Anne Johnson contributed very different elements. Greene’s leafy pattern on the gallery’s back wall was painted in coffee; Boozer’s vein of rubble running through the room is the soil strata taken from 60 feet below two construction sites; Johnson draped colorful fabrics around the room; while Feuer’s black styrofoam jackals hang from the ceiling, dominating the space.

Kaiser Spring: Did the “Turnaround King” recently find his next pet project? According to Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser‘s latest Huffington Post column, the new Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman is the place to be.

In Two Acts: The AV Club stumbled on the most erudite sex tape ever found. Ira Glass. Terri Gross. Hot, introspective action. Someone out there can do a mean Glass impersonation and a solid job with LogicExpress.

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Edie in Florence. Riot grrrl scribe Sara Marcus reflects on the scene. Reason TV’s parody song of Occupy Wall Street/Occupy D.C. has as many good jokes as the Occupy movement has coherent messages, which is to say, very few.