The members of disco trio Volta Bureau can claim credit for a lot of hot shit this year. Together, the Will Eastman/Micah Velian/Outputmessage ensemble has released a slew of blissed out dance anthems, culminating in the infectious single “Hope.” Before that, in April, Eastman and Micah Vellian took a cool Italo turn with the single “No Sleep.” And apparently Volta Bureau’s live game—-these DJs play instruments too!—-is pretty solid.

Under his own sobriquet this summer, Outputmessage did an album-length collection of remixes of his 2010 record Autonomous, but I really like where the singer-producer is going with his newest two songs, which premiered on the Blisspop blog today. “Apple” is a slightly tortured paean to temptation that culminates in a massive, whirlwinding bridge. “Game Over” is even better—-it’s a gurgling, even-keeled break-up jam whose emotional payoff finds the typically silky-voiced Outputmessage (aka Bernard Farley) dropping into baritone range for the lament, “YOU’VE RUN OUT OF CHANCES.”

Both songs appear on Outputmessage’s upcoming Game Over EP, out Nov. 1 on Output Noise Records.