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Say No More: On Dischord’s site, Aaron Leitko interviews Thurston Moore on the topic of Faith, the earlier hardcore band whose vaults the label recently emptied. The Sonic Youth leader says: “At the time, I thought of [Faith] as the most potent distillation of what ‘D.C. straightedge hardcore 1980’ was all about, in a way, because they were the youngest. It seemed like [in their music] that really refined minimalism was honed in a way that was really natural. They weren’t trying to do anything different from the uniform of the sound that the bands had all sort of agreed on in a way.”

Arts Insecurity: The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities is waging  war against similar arts-funding apparatuses in California and Arizona to get more likes on Facebook. As Artinfo’s In the Air blog rightly points out, that this campaign is both pointless and futile.

Winner’s Parade: Awesome local hip-hop Tumblr StartOfTheLine weighs in on Tabi Bonney‘s 2011:

Probably doesn’t hurt either that Tabi’s basically forgone a majority of his DC/DMV-specific aesthetic and replaced it with an unabashed pop ambition, which to be fair he never really made an effort to hide.

Luckily it’s Ski Beatz providing the blueprint for his pop transition and what could’ve easily ended up some extra cornball shit instead comes out with tracks like this one featuring Nicole Wray (!), a Caribbe-pop jam alternating between spazzing synths, hand claps and a sample of a chick saying “bom” while Tabi tells his haters to go fuck themselves cause he’s way to busy eating flamingo soufflé and pussay (that’s how 1%-ers say it btw).

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