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So here’s this nice new video from DMV rapper Killa Cal, the dude known for freestyling in The WHAT? Band, and it’s labeled as an “electronic press kit,” which is basically a fancy way of saying “infomercial.” So what’s he selling? There’s an album, right? Nah, not really. Maybe next year. Just lots of mixtapes for now. Is he going on tour or something like that? Nope. Just doing the regular go-gos. Has he got a new band? Nuh-uh. So what is it? At 6:15 he shows off his “Action Pack” condom brand. But he’s not really pushing those. So what’s up? Ah-ha! The money shot comes about 20 seconds after the rubbers, when he mentions his new company, “Rhymesolvers Unit,” which operates in one of hip-hop’s oldest sub-industries: ghostwriting. He breaks down his career plan this way: “As far as the songwriting, I feel like you can do that ’til you’re 50. … You can be 50, 60 years old, if you’re good with your pen and your paper, you can make some money.” Of course, if somebody with a giant ego (i.e. the average rapper) is paying you to put words in his mouth, the omertà is as important as the marketability of the raps. As Cal says in another video, “we specialize in confidentiality.”