Same Collaborators, New Living Quarters: The Pittsburgh-based artist Agnes Bolt, who earlier this year spent a week camped inside a bubble inside Philippa Hughes‘ living room, returns this weekend with a new exhibit—this one at the Project 4 Gallery on U Street NW—that features more personal information from the Pink Line Project leader. Over at Huffington Post DC, former Arts Desker Arin Greenwood previews Bolt’s latest venture, which includes a pillow-shaped sculpture informed by a recording of her, Hughes’, and fellow art collecter Philp Barlow‘s heartbeats; a video installation about the bubble experience “that can be seen but not watched”; and an iPad displaying intimate secrets shared between the artist and the two collectors. Oh, and the bubble will be there, too.

Dept. of Wild Flag: On The New York Times‘ ArtsBeat blog, Wild Flag gets an early dose of the Times’ tweet-sourced CMJ Music Marathon coverage. Basically it’s a writeup from a Times music critic—Jon Caramanica in this case—and a single tweet plucked from the masses, neither of which mentioned Mary Timony.

Exit Interview: On Click Track, David Malitz gives Double Dagger—who are done after tonight’s show at the Black Cat—a loving sendoff. Arts Desk’s Leor Galil also interviewed the noisy Baltimore trio yesterday.

Today on Arts Desk: All sorts of stuff! Gallery openings! The Enterprise! Edie Sedgwick in Leipzig, Germany! Closing thoughts on Shear Madness!