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Getting There: With a handful of works by black women being produced on the big stage this season, Washington Post theater critic Peter Marks posits that right now is “a time of seemingly unprecedented exposure for black female playwrights on Broadway.” Some artists he speaks to cautiously agree that the Great White Way does seem more open to work by black women, but that it’s no time to pop the champagne. Stick Fly writer Lydia R. Diamond says, “I feel that it’s important we learn from this moment, but not be so comforted by it that it has corrected all the wrong.”

Cringe: Huffington Posts Ben E. Kessler is back with another rambling, defensive non-argument. This one has something to do with professional sports teams supporting local music. I think he makes a point somewhere in there. Maybe?

Today on Arts Desk: How does the Washington Post cover dance?; another communique from Edie Sedgwick‘s Justin Moyer; and evidence that we put out our latest paper today. Check this blog and your local City Paper box.