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Yup, that's a hat.

The firehose of DMV hip-hop videos at D.C. Mumbo Sauce sometimes spurts out a hidden gem, like Ike Da Kid‘s “Fast Life,” which, beyond its big-ass beat and general good-natured-ness, left us with more questions than answers. So we posed five of them directly to Ike himself, a recent University of Maryland graduate and Hyattsville resident who has Nigerian roots. (He says he was born Ike Obioha in New York, lived in Lagos for a while as a child, and then settled with his family in Maryland during his teens.) Here’s our Q&A with the man:

1. What the hell is that on your head?

Haha that’s the homie “Ike’s Fur Hat.” I actually started wearing it last year when it got cold and people seem to love it. It has its own Twitter page, it gets more girls than me, and sometimes I think people come to my shows to see it instead of me. Sad, really.

2. Who are those dudes in the background?

Those are a group of swagged-out individuals who showed love for both the song and the mixtape.

3. Which parking deck is that?

It’s actually Mowatt Lane parking garage at the University of Maryland.

4. Whose Jeep is that?

That’s one of the homies’. We randomly decided to shoot the video at the last minute, and he happened to be around so we went with the flow.

5. The song is about how fabulous your life is, but it doesn’t look too fabulous in the video. Please explain.

The original idea was to have a whole bunch of cars, girls and bottles of champagne everywhere but i figured that would be too cliché. The video is simple but it still captures me having fun with the homies. My videos have always been simple and random, anyways, so it worked it out well.

(NOTE: There is at least one girl and one empty bottle of Patrón in the video.)