Put Away Your GPS: This summer, Largo hip-hop MC and producer Oddisee released his excellent 10-song album Rock Creek Park, a largely instrumental homage to the sights and sensations found in the D.C. area. Yesterday, Prefix assembled a Google map accompaniment to the album that fleshes out his local references. After all, it is still possible that people outside of D.C. have never heard of Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Sad Trombone: The DC Youth Orchestra was not in stupendous shape when Ava Spece took over as executive director in 2004. But for the last seven years, the 501(c)(3) education program has been solvent, and relations with DCPS have improved significantly. Last year the program celebrated its 50th anniversary and settled into a new facility. So parents are probably crestfallen that Spece has announced her resignation from the DC Youth Orchestra, effective January 2012.

New Face in Town: Meet Adams Morgan’s newest mural.

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Our arts section opens this week with John Anderson‘s story about the end of silver gelatin reproductions at the Library of Congress.