When a press release includes the disclaimer, “This is not a sexy party,” the event’s bound to be a sex party, right?

Well, no, probably just sexy art. This Friday, a group called the _SX RM_ Collective is hosting a one-night-only art exhibit at a house in Trinidad. East City Art has posted what appears to be the only information online about this group or event. The release lists at least eight participating artists, all of them under pseudonyms such as “Jonny Deep feat. the Gasm” and “Bruce.”

The lack of information is a feature, not a bug, according to The Washington Post‘s Rona Marech, who reported on the Trinidad art series in September in a roundup of art shows in private homes. The Post reported that house owner and gallery host Ray Hennessy requires that artists he shows not do any promotions. He’s done nearly a dozen events now. In September, the gallery hosted a two-artist show of works by New York artist Leigh Davis and an artist operating under the name “Christopher.”

Hennessy isn’t much for names; the house-show gallery he maintains at 1501 Neal Street NE, where the _SX RM_ Collective show takes place on Friday night, goes by “the Trinidad Gallery” or “a Gallery Somewhere in Trinidad” or “the nameless gallery in Trinidad.” D.C.’s art scene is going to have to get creative to catch up with the city’s proud musical tradition of show houses, with clever handles such as the Girl Cave and the Light House. In any event, something is going down in Trinidad on Friday night, and by the sounds of it, it’s NSFW.