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Obligatory Shit About Yeezy and Hova: Were you at the Verizon Center last night? I wasn’t. But WaPo‘s Chris Richards was, and I’m sure there will be plenty more write-ups before the day is through. So, you know, envy.

This Guy: Huffington Post DC blogger Ben E. Kessler is back with another silly missive about the rock scene, this time something to do with geographic origins of bands. Apparently, if you’re from Bronxville or Binghamton, you’re not allowed to tell people you’re from New York. (Which means I grew up in Albany, um, Canada?) Also, “the last globally recognized music scene was Manchester, England in the mid-to-late 1990s”? So, now he’s holding out for that never-gonna-happen Oasis reunion?

In Which the Authenticity of Punching an Old Lady in the Face is Discussed: Their setup, not mine. DCist’s Michelle Nail interviewed comedian Brian Posehn, that lumbering, bearded fellow from The Sarah Silverman Program. On the definition of being “metal”: “It is possible to punch a lady in the face and be false. … but first if you have Metallica “Ride the Lightning” on your headphones and you’re just walking around…..if you’re just walking around and you’re just, like, “YEAH!” You feel it then it’s real. Then go ahead and punch her.” OK, then. Oh, this was just Part 1 of the interview?

Today on Arts Desk: Lots of Louis Jacobson reviews. Ramon Ramirez watches the throne.