As might be expected, this group exhibit of photographs by local photography professors, timed for Fotoweek DC, is all over the map, from underwear-and-pistol shots to placid landscapes. A number of images are notable, however. Sue Wrbican includes an image from her collaborative project with Mary Carothers—a frozen 1970s Chevy Nova whose light-toned depiction suggests a medieval gargoyle. Leena Jayaswal offers a pair of photographs of the Ganges, both presenting strikingly hued water, one purple and the other brownish orange. Iwan Bagus’s image of a deer’s head roped to a tree is eerily deadpan, while Peter Karp offers a close-up of a pair of metal gate locks that have a surprisingly erotic charge. Page Carr offers a pair of retro-sepia works, including one self-referential image of text that defines and analyzes photography. However, the most memorable image is Gene Markowski‘s busy, almost surreal depiction of wedding preparations, with nine figures captured candidly around a long, Last Supper-style table; the veiled bride and her umbrella-holding retainer look just as mystified as viewers will feel.

Through Nov. 19 at Studio Gallery, 2108 R Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. (202) 232-8734, Wed and Thu 1-7, Fri 1-8, Sat 1-6.

Photos courtesy Studio Gallery