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Nov. 21 is basically Punk Rock Day. There’s the new Evens 7-inch, which is the first release from the duo of Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina in five years, and the new Office of Future Plans full-length, the debut of the J. Robbins-led quartet—-both releases are out on Dischord Records. Also out that day is 3 Songs, a new 7-inch from Soccer Team. The new single is being released through the local Lovitt Records, and can be pre-ordered at Dischord.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Soccer Team. Their wiry 2006 album, ‘Volunteered’ Civility and Professionalism, is excellent (or at least I think so!). And the duo’s Ryan Nelson donated some music to a Taffety Punk Theatre Company dance performance earlier this year, and recorded a guitar part during Beauty Pill‘s public recording sessions at Artisphere. I’m looking forward to the new tunes.