First Run: Opus, the new on-demand printing machine at Politics & Prose, made its debut Wednesday, reports John Wilwol on Arts Post. While giving a demonstration, the co-founder of the company that made the machine called it a victory for literary locavorism. “It’s print local, read local,” Thor Sigvaldason said. “There’s something to small things that’s important to a community and a culture.” You heard it hear first: Read local, people!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr: Rock & Roll Hotel opened a roof deck—-confoundingly, in November.

Charity Case: This week’s social media-driven fundraising campaign, Give to the Max, raised more than $2 million, says the Post. A bunch of local arts groups participated in the initiative, which clogged your email box, RSS feed, and Twitter client for most of Wednesday (or at least mine!).

Total Recall: A new book of personal writings by Philip K. Dick—-whom we can now claim as a pseudo-Washingtonian—-is out this week, and Slate has an excerpt:

My books are forgeries. Nobody wrote them. The goddam typewriter wrote them; it’s a magic typewriter. Or like John Denver gets his songs: I get them from the air. Like his songs, they—my books—are already there. Whatever that means.

Today on Arts Desk: “Hide/Seek,” one year later.