Kriston Capps leads the arts section with his review of two gallery shows that should appeal to local rock fans: “Churchin’,” an exhibit heavy on ecclesiastical found art by the former Apes singer Breck Brunson; and “HARD ART DC 1979,” which collects Lucian Perkins‘ photographs from an moment in D.C. punk. I riff on the things bands give away for generous Kickstarter pledges (online later!). John Anderson reviews Andy Holtin‘s Flashpoint show of robotically inclined video art, “A Theatre of Objects.” Tricia Olszewski takes great pleasure in Alexander Payne‘s latest exercise in human misery, The Descendants. Bob Mondello finds WSC Avant Bard’s well-intentioned remix of Shakespeare’s Henry plays, The Mistorical Hystery of Henry (I)V, to be a tad dizzying. Rebecca J. Ritzel does a spit-take at Theater of the First Amendment’s dance/theater mashup, STAY, on stage at the Lansburgh. And in One Track Mind, Michael J. West talks to jazz tenor saxophonist Brian Settles about his new tribute to Lady Day.