Bounce Back Kingz: On its blog, go-go outfit TCB posts an update on Polo, its lead talker who was hospitalized following a concert year and spent some time in a coma:

Polo is no longer in what they call “end of life”care which means he  has been removed off of hospice. He is no longer in a coma and is well enough that he has been moved to a rehabilitation facility to help him start his recovery. He has been breathing on his own for awhile but he still is in a semi sleep state. He can hear you, he can feel things, he can open his eyes for a few moments and he can squeeze your hand. These are good signs because now he can start therapy and start to see specialist to help with his progress.

All of which is expensive. The group says it’s setting up a fund to which fans can donate.

Mama, He’s a Big Girl Now: WaPo and the Examiner talk to jocular WETA host Robert Aubry Davis on the occasion of his appearance, in drag, in Signature Theatre’s Hairspray. But for the ultimate Davis profile, you’ll want to read Eddie Dean‘s 1996 piece from Washington City Paper, “Around Town With Mr. Know-It-All.”

On Covering Cons: Lauren Rae Orsini, in offering some best practices for journalists who want to cover anime cons, totally buries the lede: Orsini worked as a press liaison at this past weekend’s Anime USA convention, and one credentialed journalist pulled some serious bullshit, and—-although the details are related murkily—-led to the event losing $4,000 worth of equipment.

Extensions Corner: FotoWeek D.C.’s HQ is staying open until Dec. 17. Two Fall Fringe shows—-Good Girls Don’t, But Indian Girls Do and Squirrel, or the Origins of a Species—-have added performances.

Today on Arts Desk: Results of the Peter Marks/Howard Sherman live tweetspat. Live music at Occupy D.C.