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I reported last week that the Occupy D.C. encampment seems to have become something of a DIY space. It turns out it’s a pretty good DIY space. Local acts Priests, Lenorable, and The Cornel West Theory some other groups gathered for a generator-powered show in McPherson Square, and attracted a pretty solid crowd (that included two notable local punk rockers named Ian). During the concert, Occupiers began mobilizing to assist protesters gathering inside the shuttered Franklin School, which until 2008 housed a homeless shelter. But as far as I could tell, folks who’d come out for the music (predictably) stuck around to enjoy more music.

Above is some video I shot during Priests‘ set of anarcho-kiddie punk. (For some reason, those kids in the video spent the entire set hovering about a foot from the music. Totally punk rock.)

Hey, and Lenorable recorded a song inspired by the Occupy movement this week. Seeing as Ian MacKaye was watching from the sidelines, however, they didn’t cover Fugazi‘s “Merchandise” as planned.

Update, 2:30 p.m. There’s now a group called Occupy Musicians, which says it’s facilitating performances at Occupy sites around the country. A list of signees includes D.C. names Ian MacKaye, Guy Picciotto, Blue Sausage Infant, Lenorable, and Jeff Surak.