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The A-side, “Warble Factor,” has one of those surging 4/4 rhythms (call it “the post-hardcore head-nod”) and Ian MacKaye‘s quick-chop guitar playing is gratifyingly familiar. But Amy Farina‘s vocals are the show here: She’s passionate and serious, befitting what seems to be a meditation on somebody’s death. What’s that line at the end? “Look at the ants go,” maybe? Didn’t some hippie have an “Ants Marching” song? This one is better. The B-side is titled “Timothy Wright,” and it may or may not be about the famous gospel singer who died in 2009. It’s definitely existential, MacKaye’s chords are kinda bluesy, and the last line is “It really doesn’t matter,” so it’s safe to assume that it’s an open can of worms, vis-a-vis the merits of religiosity.

The Evens“2 Songs” 7-inch is out today on Dischord.