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GUYS, Some People Are Funny, This Guy Is ON IT: Earlier this month, The New York Times launched a new column on comedy, penned by Jason Zinoman, who is the son of Studio Theatre founder Joy Zinoman and author of Shock Value, a recent book about horror movies. Splitsider has a long, sometimes funny interview with Jason Zinoman.

All Work and No Play Makes Svetlana a Dull Maven: Brightest Young Things now has a proper office, sleek, spacious, and appropriately blissed out. TBD’s got the photos, several of which feature Svetlana Legetic tending to her culture brand, while everyone else parties.

Dept. of Self-Serving Coincidences: In The Washington Post‘s Backstage feature, Jessica Goldstein peers into You, Nero, a new work opening Friday at Arena Stage by resident playwright Amy Freed. (No relation, but great name.) Freed’s script, written with lead actor Danny Scheie in mind, puts its eponymous fiddling psychopath in Wag the Dog mode, as Nero seeks to burnish his reputation with favorable entertainment. “Evil people do exactly what they want, and none of us can,” Freed tells the Post. “I think secretly we sort of root for it because it’s a vessel for our own repressions. It’s not like our human nature wants to seem them punished. We want to see them succeed.” Yeah, I root for the bad guy too sometimes.

See You Next Week!: In the mean time, fill your long weekend with My Week With Marilyn and Hugo, catch up on Anacostia: The Web Series, or listen to the Office of Future Plans LP while your train is stuck between Baltimore and Aberdeen.