The D.C.-based music blog and event promoter All Things Go has swelled like a spotted puffer fish yet again, expanding its operation to the limited-edition 7-inch record market.

This spring, we documented the music blog’s foray into indie-rock event promotion and concomitant ascent up the creative-elite ladder. All Things Go’s record label will be called ATG, and its inaugural release is the debut 7-inch from quirky Miami pop artist Nicky Blitz. (You may remember him from his ATG-hosted performance at U Street Music Hall in September.) Here’s how the label describes that single, “Alive”:

The A-Side track was written and produced entirely by Nicky Blitz, evident given the intimate lyrical content and overall au fait vibe of the song. It’s ripe with celebratory meditations on familial relationships, friendships and life. It’s a hodgepodge of live instrumentation brought together by some insane studio wizardry that lies somewhere between Talking Heads and Kanye West.

An AirshipRocketship edit of Blitz’s song “Hawk” is on the flip side. This being a strictly boutiquey operation, the release is limited to 250 copies, and comes pressed on black-and-white vinyl. Take a listen to the goofy song, below. There’s also a video. If you like what you hear, buy it for $5.

Nicky Blitz – Alive by NickyBlitz