Breaking: One post down, Ryan Little debunks reports of Black Cat Bill‘s death. Read, please, and be careful with your tweets in the future.

No, Don’t Sing. Just Destroy the Sweater: On WaPo‘s Arts Post blog, Maura Judkis looks at that recent ironic holiday trend, the Ugly Sweater Party. Whose to blame for this fauxhemian meme? We could go as far back as the mid-1980s and pin it on The Cosby Show, as, Judkis writes, “The actual mass-market ugly sweater reached its peak popularity sometime in the 1980s, according to the Wall Street Journal. That’s when people wore the sweaters in earnest, supposedly.” Then there was a 2001 book on the subject by three Vancouverites who probably cooked it up after getting trashed and listening to City of Daughters on repeat. And then there was the Stuff White People Like blog in 2008. Today, even high-end designers like Dolce & Gabbana are getting in on reindeer-festooned sweaters.

Enunciate!: Seeing a show at Strathmore in late January? Make sure you pronounce precisely the name of the act you want to see, Click Track notes. Remember: Bryan Adams, Canadian 80s-rock star turned photographer as nostalgia act for Baby Boomers; Ryan Adams, tempestuous singer-songwriter for Gen-Xers who want to momentarily forget that they drive a Volvo around the suburbs. (But totally ask him to play “Summer of ’69”!) Also, nitpicking because it seems necessary in this context: Strathmore, concert hall in North Bethesda, Md.; Strathmoore, former when said with a thick Scottish brogue.

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Austerity in D.C. arts grants; greater austerity at Artisphere; boutique-music stimulus as All Things Go starts a label.