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The art-tainted/prog-damaged* dudes of Hume left town awhile ago for a fall tour. What’s the net result? It’s a screwed & chopped version of a Steve Miller song set to some C-grade sci-fi clips. But hey, if you’re gonna drag yourself Around The Indie-Rock Circuit In 80 Days, it’s probably better to bring back “a YouTube video” instead of “herpes and a collection of trucker hats.” Hume appears to be lucid enough to organize a show on Dec. 17 here in D.C. They have made a poster for it. It would awesome if that extremely large JPG file used steganography to embed the complete audio code for the original version of “Fly Like An Eagle,” so future cryptographer-archaeologists would have something to keep themselves busy. This smaller version probably does not:

* Art Tainted and Prog Damaged would be great rock & roll aliases.