D.C./Baltimore label Fan Death, you’ll remember, is one of the area’s more combustible record companies. They’ve also got a pretty impressive track record, which after three years now numbers 32 releases. Their latest offering is a four-item series of cassettes from Baltimore drum abuser Ed Schrader, Baltimore noise peddlers Roomrunner (the new band of Double Dagger drummer Denny Bowen), Atlanta black metal trio Uberchrist, and Melbourne’s skuzzy Woollen Kits, who have to be the most tuneful group ever to release something under the Fan Death banner.

Each of the four folks involved with Fan Death picked a cassette for the series, which the label’s Sean Gray describes as “everything ranging from black metal, to pop grunge, to early Pavement song work to the audio equivalent of Mr. Show.”

In an online chat yesterday, Gray wrote, “This provides a good window in some of the stuff each of us really enjoy and how it all kinda comes together and fits. I totally understand [Fan Death] may never reach Pitchfork ‘cool’ or blog hype levels, but I am comfortable knowing that we put out what we like and it’s never ’cause it’s the flavor of the day.” Funny, that: Fan Death’s Roomrunner cassette totally got a Pitchfork write-up today.

You can buy all four cassettes from Fan Death for $22, or individually for $6 a piece.