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Travis Morrison, y'all

Well, this is awkward. Washington City Paper contributor (and Tereu Tereu singer) Ryan Little is launching a new record label with his buddy Tommy Siegel (of Jukebox the Ghost and Drunken Sufis), and, obviously, we’d usually feel kind of weird about plugging it.

But screw it, because the first release on Bad Friend Records is pretty exciting: It’ll be a 7-inch of unreleased tunes by Travis Morrison Hellfighters, the spunky defunct group of The Dismemberment Plan‘s once and (I guess) current leader. If you choose to help fund it, that is. A Kickstarter campaign asking for $2,500 went up last night.

The single includes two songs, “Henrietta” and “Cruisin’,” with a third tune, “Moneytown” included as a digital download. You can listen to rough mixes of the first two over at Morrison’s MySpace. (MySpace!) The songs were recorded by MedicationsDevin Ocampo after the release of the Hellfighters’ 2007 album, All Y’All; they’ve now been mixed and mastered by former Hellfighters guitarist Thomas Orgren. “Henrietta” and “Cruisin'” are classic late Morrison: bucolic, a little freaky, and on point.

By the way, the Hellfighters aren’t getting back together or anything. Morrison, per his website, is still “RERTIED.”

Other upcoming Bad Friend releases include records from Tereu Tereu, Drunken Sufis, and the Fredericksburg, Va., group Raw Feels.