In recent years, fewer groups have been able to benefit from funding from the District’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities: The $3.7 million in grants DCCAH awarded last month is the smallest pot it’s distributed in a long time. Groups eligible for DCCAH funding that missed out on that round, however, aren’t totally out of luck for fiscal year 2012. The commission announced yesterday its Arts Impact Grant Program, through which organizations—-but not individuals—-that haven’t been awarded a DCCAH grant for FY 2012 can apply for up to $30,000 in matching grants for programming. projects, and operations.

There are a few eligibility requirements, which if you’re in the business of grant-writing you’ll know to find here. Most importantly, your work has to matter: The program is designed for “organizations that significantly impact District of Columbia residents through exhibitions, presentations, training and educational opportunities in the arts and humanities.” So, um, hopefully more impactful than the Tweed Ride? Who are covered for next year anyway.

The deadline to apply is Jan. 6.