Carlsonics: At age 23, Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein was a mere five years away from cracking Watergate wide open, but about a zillion years away from a career in music criticism. Check out this review of a Donovan concert he wrote in 1967 (his second year at the newspaper): “The incredible musical gifts of Donovan”! “The sheer fascination of Donovan’s dazzling vocal and instrumental arrangements”! His “breathy yet immensely soothing voice”! His “amazing amalgam of styles”! “Unmatched beauty”! Donovan, O Donovan!

Gettin’ Brain: A New York Times reporter takes Bluebrain’s “location-aware” Central Park app for a spin.

We Already Knew This, But: DCist commenters deem the site’s freshly hired associate editor, Washington City Paper contributor Benjamin R. Freed, totally sketchy.

Downbeat: Capital Bop weighs in on the Kennedy Center’s new jazz advisor, Jason Moran.

Today on Arts Desk: More on Wolf Trap Foundation president Terrence Jones’ impending departure, plus all the juicy contents of this week’s new issue, out today in boxes!