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A Child Is Born: Chris Richardsbreezy-prosey account of this weekend’s Christmas in Washington taping is a lot more fun to read than the annual celeb-stuffed concert will be to watch on Friday at 6 p.m.

Rich Blende: For his latest Secret History column at DCist, Brandon Gentry takes a nice look at Pitchblende‘s 1993 debut Kill Atom Smasher. The group played slightly technical, extremely noisy art rock, which made them something of a misfit in D.C. in the early ’90s. “I think our reputation in D.C. was ‘the nerdy guys with all the inside jokes that play too loud,'” guitarist Justin Chearno tells DCist.

Quick Hits: Cool SmCity/Uptown X.O. collab | D.C.-based ARTINFO blogger-critic Tyler Green is curating his favorite long-form criticism over at Let’s Get Critical this week. | Nothing D.C.-related on the Pitchfork singles list so-far! | Benjamin R. Freed, late of this blog, is starting over at DCist today as its new associate editor; luckily, the site’s commentariat seem to have gotten their hazing out of the way.

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