On the cover of this week’s issue is our collaboration with the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington, wherein we recommend some important (and mostly tiny) nonprofits worthy of your charitable giving. This includes some art picks, like the African Continuum Theatre Co., the Atlas Performing Arts Center, Step Afrika!, and WSC Avant Bard.

Chris Klimek leads the section with his reviews of Arena Stage’s freewheeling production of You, Nero, in which the disastrous Roman emperor is coronated as something of a pansexual glam rocker, and Signature Theatre’s Hairspray, a take on the John Waters-inspired musical that features jocular WETA host Robert Aubry Davis in a dress. Marcus J. Moore reviews the new record by D.C. hip-hop’s best humble-bragger, yU, while Ally Schweitzer listens to the sophomore LP from D.C.’s only noisegazers, Screen Vinyl Image. Tricia Olszewski reviews two films about disturbed ladies that will eat at your patience: Young Adult and A Dangerous Method. And in One Track Mind, Lindsay Zoladz chats with Pree about the indie-folk band’s Hawthorne-inspired song “Lemon Tree.”