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HO-HO-WHO: A sparkly holiday assortment of post-punk/rock lifers. On assignment from The Onion’s A.V. Club, Office of Future Plans wisely drafted Damon Locks (Trenchmouth, The Eternals) to front a, uh, Christmasy cover of Dead Kennedys‘ “Holiday in Cambodia.” The performance is part of the site’s Holiday Undercover series, which tapes indie-rock bands playing Christmas covers at A.V. Club HQ. So far, eight of 10 episodes have been filmed (including a version of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” by Electric Six).

LOVELY LOCKS: This is one of the best Holiday Undercover songs, but it’s great on its own, especially because of Locks’ contribution. J. Robbins explains why he brought Locks aboard: “Damon is responsible for making me punk rock … and I also know that I can barely play this song… let alone sing it with conviction and authority. And Damon is the No. 1 singer of conviction and authority that I know.” Locks says, “I majored in it in college.”

UNIFORM GREATNESS: The band is dressed in uniform, which, aside from making three-quarters of Office of Future Plans look even more like Blue Man Group without facepaint, is a hat-tip to Jello Biafra & Co. The look: a white button-down spray-painted with an S, and worn with a black tie to form a dollar sign. Dead Kennedys did the same thing, most memorably at the 1980 Bay Area Music Awards, where they played the music-industry-bashing song “Pull My Strings.”

CHEER FACTOR: Even as far as songs about Pol Pot go, this is not a cheerful one. It gets a zero out of 10.

Office Of Future Plans and Damon Locks cover “Holiday In Cambodia”