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The Smithsonian is tired of being the nation’s attic. And so it’s rebranding itself, The Washington Post reported over the weekend, based on the findings of $1 million of research. Its new slogan? “Seriously Amazing.”

Wait a minute. “Seriously Amazing” is not what you say when admiring the first ladies’ dresses. It’s what you say after smoking an eighth of Master Kush and listening to In the Court of the Crimson King. The Smithsonian may think it’s found a catchphrase to dispel its elitist reputation, but it’s actually stumbled upon the perfect slogan for stoners.

Which is cool! But if the Smithsonian really wants to go all Dazed & Confused, it may want to add the following items to its collection.

iTunes visualizations

Cats, aka television for stoners

Eating hummus with a spoon


Jumbo slice

Dinosaur bones

Seriously amazing illustrations by Brooke Hatfield