H-HO WHO: With their ebullient, over-the-top compositions, The Polyphonic Spree has had the market cornered on 20-plus-member symphonic indie pop since 2000. The ensembles live shows already feel like a nondenominational church service of sorts, with a robe-clad choir singing ever-swelling praise of “the sun” rather than “the Son.” If anyone can put the más in Christmas, it oughta be these unabashed pop-makers.

REACH FOR THE SUN: Vague lines about Santa and kids and stuff! The word Christmas over and over! Bells and a frenzy of “la-la-la’s”! I think he said it’s time for presents everywhere! It’s just a big celebration of idea of the holidays without any real narrative or substance—-what’s not to love?

BURNED BY THE SUN: Vague lines about Santa kids and stuff. The word Christmas over and over. Bells and a frenzy of “la-la-la’s.” Did he really just say “presents everywhere“? There’s not even an attempt at a sentimental story or an original idea…could this be any less thoughtful?

CHEER FACTOR: 10/10 or 0/10. If you’re psyched about holiday music, this song is pure, mindless, feel-good enthusiasm of the highest order. If you’re sick of holiday music, this mindless, feel-good anthem will only drive you deeper into Grinchdom.