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Thievery Corporation: mere stewards of democracy

In case you didn’t get the memo, Thievery Corporation is down with the people.

The latest single from U Street NW restauranteur/nightlife don Eric Hilton‘s lyte-funk ensemble is called “Unified Tribes,” and it self-awards Thievery Corporation yet another badge of authenticity, this time derived from the Occupy movement. The accompanying video shows agile MC Mr. Lif maneuvering between tents in McPherson Square, rhyming about demonstrations nationwide, something about beauty and/or light, spiritual heights, and, er, um, well, it’s a soup, of sorts. A gumbo. Of righteousness.

Hey, but that bass line is totally funky, right?

About the track, Hilton says “We’ve been so fortunate to link up with Mr. Lif…He has a revolutionary spirit in the purest, most humane sense; and the world needs more of his conscious approach to hip-hop.” (T. Corp. is also co-producing Lif’s upcoming album, scheduled to be released on the group’s ESL label in 2012.) ESL’s website calls the song “another sonic Molotov aimed straight at the belly of the beast.” A Molotov, yes! Or, maybe something a little less scary. Like a fluffy pillow. And after we’re done tackling all this toxic greed and corruption, I could really use a $14 cocktail. Man, where could I get one of those right now?

Watch the video below.