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Once upon a time, rapping in D.C. wasn’t so cool. In the 1990s, long before artists like Wale and Tabi Bonney put D.C. hip-hop on a national stage, local MCs couldn’t spit a rhyme without being deemed a New York wanna-be.

Instead, aspiring rappers not named AsheruHead-Roc, or Black Indian spit their rhymes alongside prominent go-go bands in hopes of making it big. This topic, and a whole lot more, was recently discussed on what radio host Jamie Benson hopes will be a semi-regular podcast that interviews notable figures central to the D.C. hip-hop scene.

On the show’s first installment, Benson, Kokayi and yU interviewed The Unspoken Heard (Asheru & Blue Black) about its rise to prominence in the Chocolate City scene. Go here to download the podcast or listen below.