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Former Saturday Night Live star Kevin Nealon, best known as the “Weekend Update” anchor—or another one of Adam Sandler’s friends that shows up in all his movies—is the guy that got the job because he stuck around. He was 31 when he first appeared on television; he never did impressions, original characters, or physical humor. He’s not the fat guy, the quirky nerd, or the eye candy; he’s just some dude whose unique observations make (a lot of) people laugh. His not-exactly-animated style of joke-telling has earned him TV roles (Weeds, Curb Your Enthusiasm)—and why? He’s able to make the mundane fun. Nealon belongs in the class of Sarah Silverman, Dave Attell, and Norm MacDonald: smart, edgy if you’re listening carefully, and charming if you’re not. Since becoming a dad at the age of 54, Nealon has been exploring an arena of comedy—and life—most his age have exhausted. Nealon performs tonight through Sunday at the DC Improv. NW. $25. (Update: All shows have sold out.)


Nostalgia night at the Cat? Mid-’80s Baltimore post-punkers Grey March share a bill with Dot Dash (featuring members of indie-poppers Julie Ocean) and History Repeated, which is led by former Government Issue singer John Stabb. 8 p.m. at Black Cat. $12.

Steve Kiviat says you should see the Stooges Brass Band from New Orleans, who spice their Big Easy horns with a touch of hip-hop. Free at 6p.m. at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage.

This house show looks pretty cool, too.


Pariah opens tomorrow, Tricia Olszewski says this film—-about a young-inner city lesbian examining her identity—-is great, and hey! you can see it a day early. Howard University’s radio, television, and film department is hosting a free screening at E Street at 8 p.m. They’re no longer taking RSVPs, but if you show up around 7:45 p.m., you could get lucky. More info here.


If you swooned for Midnight in Paris, maybe go to Phillips After 5 tonight?