It’s only Wednesday, and this week has already brought two ’90s punk stalwarts back from retirement. Both At the Drive-In and Refused will play this year’s Coachella, prompting many gray-bearded music journalists to reinsert their plugs. Bands here in D.C. are certainly not immune to the musical seven-year itch, but one thing we lack is a fancy, multiday music festival to facilitate (and underwrite) these types of reunions. Still, in case any local punk groups need an excuse to get back together—-other than the fact that At the Drive-In and Refused owe a debt to a certain revolution-minded D.C. post-hardcore group—-here are a few low-key suggestions.

Reunion: Nation of Ulysses
Hiatus: 20 years
Occasion: Passport DC
Justification: In a brilliantly choreographed tie-in, bewildered guests will be escorted into a shadowy, makeshift Embassy of the N.O.U.,  an event that perfectly dovetails with the 20th anniversary of the band’s posthumous release The Embassy Tapes.

Reunion: Fugazi
Hiatus: 10 years
Occasion: 2012 Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair
Justification: An explosive rendition of “Merchandise” rings out with irony and serves as a helpful reminder of how many quality, homemade goods are still up for sale.

Reunion: Tuscadero
Hiatus: 13 years
Occasion: Tuesday at Haydee’s
Justicification: The degentrification of Mt. Pleasant.

Reunion: The Dismemberment Plan
Hiatus: Eight, five, or one year, depending how you’re counting
Location: 2012 National Book Festival
Justification: To promote You are Invited: A Collection of Breathless Reviews of Dismemberment Plan Reunion Shows, Volume 1.