You’ve got a few more workday listening options, beginning this month. ESL Music, the label owned by local chill purveyors Thievery Corporation, launched an online radio station today, and it is so, so, so chill. How chill? So chill it’s been playing the same chill loop—-glossy keys, crowd noise, Rasta-voiced hypeman—-since I tuned in like 30 minutes ago. Which I suppose makes it solid mood music for your mid-afternoon energy dip!

Scoutmob, that moustachioed alternative to deal services like LivingSocial, launched a D.C. music podcast today, starring Tina Seamonster (who’s involved in City Paper‘s Crafty Bastards fair) and Marcus K. Dowling (who’s a contributor to this blog). They played a handful of tracks covering their quite different tastes in music—-Tuscadero, Wale, Wild Flag, and Dave Nada—-and discussed why they chose them. Bonus: When explaining the origin of moombahton, Dowling does a pretty nifty vocal imitation of Dutch house.

Last month saw the launch of another local music stream, Hometown Sounds, which cycles through a number of formats throughout the day. (Right now, it’s Nation of Ulysses, as part of its 2 to 4 p.m. punk-rock block.) And venerable go-go resource Take Me Out to the Go-Go launched its own online radio station on New Year’s Day—-which sounds great, although the ID3 tags are kind of a mess.

Here’s that Scoutmob podcast:

Scoutmob DC What’s the Deal Radio 01 by Scoutmob