Runway Reformation: Check It and Notorious got a pretty dramatic do-over Saturday night from MPD, who lent the gay street gangs space in its Boys and Girls Club to hold a fashion show, reports the Post. It was the debut of TurnItUp, Check It’s new apparel brand. Not that the kids have renounced violence, at least the defensive kind. “I ain’t changing for nobody. I’m still going to be who I am,” one of Check It’s members tells the Post. “Sometimes you’re going to have to fight, especially if you’re a gay, black male.”

The Coliseum Reborn? File this in the Department of Slightly Far-Fetched Ideas. A local firm is gathering area architecture students to come up with proposals to make the decrepit and vacant Uline Arena (formerly the Washington Coliseum) into a for-profit music museum and performance space. The site, which is currently owned by Douglas Development, has been a lot of things over the years, from a sports and music venue to a parking lot to, recently, the site of some experimental theater. As for music: It hosted The Beatles’ first-ever U.S. concert; later, go-go shows took place there. Certainly, D.C.’s musical history is bountiful enough (Duke Ellington, Marvin Gaye) to deserve a museum, even if its most notable sounds of the last 30 years (go-go, hardcore) are pretty subcultural. Douglas says its interested in the concept, but it still might be a tough sell.

Shooting Crabs in a Barrel: SmCity, Oddisee, and Phil Ade address their haters in the least-grating fuck-the-haters cut in recent memory, which we’ve already praised on this blog. Now, here’s the video:

YouTube video

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