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Moombahton, moombahton, moombahton. I’m not sure I have anything left to say about the ethnomusicologically fascinating, yet-for-all-practical-purposes-kind-of-stoopid, but-still-pretty-danceable homegrown EDM microgenre, other than that it’s pretty striking how much it’s remained a local presence even though its international ascent really has very little to do with the particulars of D.C. (and a lot to do with Soundcloud). The 11th Moombahton Massive party takes place tomorrow at U Street Music Hall, and the lineup includes moombahton pioneers Nadastrom and Sabo. Closer to the ground, here are two new EPs of moombahton edits from local producers.

Jon Kwest, whose moombahtonization of MLK Day I praised last week, dropped his The Last Don EP today on Think 2wice Records. Bonus, Wire fans: Track 5 has lots and lots of Omar dialogue. (Because why not? Anything can be moombahtoned.)

Earlier this month, local producer Cam Jus dropped his own moombahton EP, Badman, on Rot10 Musik. Cam Jus co-hosts a regular moombahton night at Velvet Lounge, Tropixxx, that’s been holding it down locally for the sound for more than a year. Here’s a megamix of the EP:

You can buy both releases at all your favorite online retails. Moombahton Massive XI takes place tomorrow at 8 p.m. at U Street Music Hall. $8 advance; $10 at the door.