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D.C. indie-poppers Unrest, as far as I’m concerned, made two unimpeachable classics in the early 1990s. The first, 1992’s Imperial f.f.r.r., got a lush reissue in 2009 via the band’s label, Teenbeat. Doing justice to the other one, 1993’s Perfect Teeth, is a bit more complicated: The original Teenbeat release was an awesomely over-the-top collection of six 7-inches.

Good news, then. Teenbeat is reissuing the album in all of its boxed-set glory, with six 7-inches plus a handful of bonus tracks (that weren’t on the 1993 CD or LP versions) sprinkled among them. It has a 24-page booklet with pictures from the album’s sessions, a package printed with metallic gold ink, and, if you spend a little extra, three Unrest live recordings. (“England, 1992,” “Newcastle, 1993,” and “Washington, DC, 2005.”) There are also options for pins and mugs and things. You can pre-order now; the thing ships in April.

And maybe one day I will finally write that treatise on the semiotics of manic guitar jangles and even more manic drum fills.

The tracklist, plus a video explaining everything, after the jump.

Perfect Teeth

Teen-Beat 70
Isabel (side A)
Love To Know (B1)
Wharton Hockey Club (B2)

Teen-Beat 91
West Coast Love Affair (C)
Soon It Is Going To Rain (D)

Teen-Beat 105
Cath Carroll (E)
So So Sick (F1)
Capezio Bowler (F2)

Teen-Beat 112
Angel I’ll Walk You Home (G)
Breather X.X.X. (H1)
Stylized Ampersand (H2)

Teen-Beat 126
Make Out Club (I)
Food & Drink Synthesizer (J1)
Plastic Film (J2)

Teen-Beat 133
Light Command (K)
Six Layer Cake (L)

UNREST Perfect Teeth / 7″ Box Set from Teen-Beat on Vimeo.