Washington City Paper has taken a few hits in recent years—-bankruptcy and a high-profile lawsuit, among them—-but at least we’re still punk as fuck.

Or, someone seems to think we are. City Paper Circulation Manager Molly McGinley spotted this HxC flyer at the Black Cat Monday night and kindly passed it along to Arts Desk. Word on the street is Matt Moffatt, co-owner of Smash Records and a member of Blockhead, is one of the designers. (Update: Moffatt says the band as a whole accepts responsibility.) The flyer is an advertisement for a Feb. 11 benefit show at Asefu’s on Ninth Street NW, and it makes generous use of our logo, section names, and Dan Savage‘s weekly syndicated column (from our Dec. 23 issue). Basically, it looks like the designer saw the nearest free thing laying around and decided to make a flyer out of it. We approve. See a higher-resolution version after the jump.