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in which, in the spirit of our recent D.C. Giving Guide, we recommend some worthy Kickstarter projects

PROJECT: Twenty/12, a book by the local photography collective Empty Stretch, for which 12 artists documented Jan. 1, 2012, from different parts of the world. “By having multiple people photograph under the construct of a single day, traditions, reflections, resolutions, commonalities and differences are brought forth,” they write, which is like one-third of the way to being that annoying fort video. But the photos do look nice.

ASK: $2,200, ending Feb. 9


PROJECT: The Liberation, a documentary by Christoph Green and (Fugazi’s) Brendan Canty about DC Central Kitchen, Robert Egger‘s widely respected culinary training program for unemployed adults. Judging by Trixie Film’s provided trailer, expect a seriously inspiring tear-jerker punctuated by a sharp, moody post-punk score.

ASK: $40,000, ending Jan. 26.


PROJECT: A campaign to help the much-loved Best New Music Writing anthology go independent after being dropped by its publisher. Each year, the volume honors a wide range of music criticism, reporting, and blogging—-including, over the years, lots of D.C. names (and a few Washington City Paper bylines!). As the conversation around new music has become more and more far-ranging and unwieldy, Best New Music has, in my estimation, done quite an admirable job of cutting through the noise and distilling that back-and-forth down to its most important debates and concerns.

ASK: $15,000, by Jan. 31.

KARMA SCORE: 7 (or if you’re a music scribe, 9.6)

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