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The biggest go-go bands can be like small companies: Personnel comes and goes, but the overall brand generally retains its standing. Occasionally, however, a lineup change is a Really Big Deal in go-go circles, like rapper Killa Cal‘s recent decision to leave the WHAT? band and take his firm verbals to Rare Essence, one of the genre’s flagship acts. (Mainstays the Junkyard Band and the Backyard Band were also under consideration; Cal performed with all three before announcing his decision.) Sidney Thomas of Examiner.com interviewed Cal about the process:

… a couple of things contributed to me leaving. I don’t think we were on the same page as far as goals, and I feel like communication could have been a lot better. I just felt like it was time to move on. And luckily I was blessed with some major offers as far as bands. Of course in the end I chose RE (Rare Essence).

Cal, who lately has been pushing his rap ghostwriting enterprise, Rhymesolvers Unit, says he sees himself as a “missing piece” for Rare Essence—which is probably more a comment on where RE wants to go, and not where it’s been already. (There’s video of Cal’s first official gig with RE, and an iTunes single.)