Some dance performances are joyful. They provide you with a deep impulse to fling yourself around, or transport you to a quiet place of suspended nowness.

Others are, let’s face it, tedious. They continue without any obvious dramatic arc, presenting some variety of cerebral movement that audience members are left to derive their own meaning from.

Where tonight’s performance at the Austrian Embassy will fall is unclear. The dancer, Vienna-based choreographer Saskia Hölbling, will perform Exposition Corps, a solo investigation of individual identity within the physical body. Hölbling is a prolific and award-winning dancemaker who heads the company Dans.Kias; she was dubbed “our shooting star export” by an official at the embassy.

But she’s also known for minimalist movement that focuses on extreme subtleties within the body, including performances that have consisted of dancers standing, sitting, or lying in one place with very little movement for the better part of an hour.

Still, very few European choreographers—with the exception of the biggies—make it to Washington, so this is an intriguing chance to check out what’s going on across the water.

Washington dance critic (and Austrian native) George Jackson will be on hand to introduce the piece and moderate a discussion following the show. Plus—best of all?—it’s free.

The performance is tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Austrian Embassy, 3524 International Court NW. While admission is free, RSVP is required; visit or call (202) 895-6776 to register.