Lindsay Zoladz has the cover with the look into the local kids-punk scene, which has benefited from a boom in after-school rock academies, and which blows all of our adult authenticity hangups to pieces. Chris Klimek leads the arts section with reviews of Folger’s The Gaming Table—-a resuscitated 300-year-old comedy involving lots of cards and costumes—-and Arena’s eccentric magic show Elephant Room, in which the performers manage to call Klimek onstage. Trey Graham reviews the much-ballyhooed Red, and concludes that all the fuss for this drama about painter Mark Rothko was well worth it. And Bob Mondello has fun at Laughter on the 23rd Floor, but says this tribute to Sid Caesar veers a little too hagiographic. Louis Jacobson praises the stitched-together, large-format photographs of Franz Jantzen. Tricia Olszewski says dance documentary Pina is underwhelming in 2D (go figure!) and that horror flick The Innkeepers is underwhelming, period. And in One Track Mind, Zoladz and local indie rockers Bike Trip discuss the benefits of broken guitar strings.