in which, in the spirit of our recent D.C. Giving Guide, we recommend some worthy Kickstarter projects

PROJECT: The Listen Local First Mobile Music Venue, which LLF co-founder Christopher Naoum describes in the video as a musical version of a food truck. The plan: Acquire a van, enlist local artists to paint it, pack it full of gear and choice D.C. musicians, and drive to Austin, Texas, in time for South by Southwest—-all while filming a documentary and distributing a local-music compilation. Ambitious! Scrappy! But: If the goal is to cram in a back line, multiple artists, and film equipment, an Econoline might not do the trick. You’ll need a clown car.

ASK: $5,000 by March 5


BONUS: Today is LLF’s Local Music Day, and it might have the best lineup of local musicians yet. Saying, is all.

PROJECT: The HighBraü Collection, local artists Matthew Brazier and Roy Feinson‘s series of three “impressionist mosaics” made with beer caps—-or, in beer-mosaic speak, “beer crowns.” In part, they’re basically asking you to pay for their beer—-so that they can then use the undamaged caps, which they’ll also have to clean. They’ll then sell the mosaics in a gallery show. Example of their work: A beer-cap simulacrum of Shepard Fairey‘s iconic “HOPE” poster—-only, now it reads “HOPS.” There’s a poster version you can get in exchange for pledging $100 or more. A frat-boy sucker is born every minute.

ASK: $20,000 ($20,000!) by April 7. That is so much beer.



THE PROJECT: Ad Hoc, the successor to the much-missed Altered Zones, the eclectic, super-out-there satellite site that taste-making music megasite Pitchfork shut down last year. Like Altered Zones, Ad Hoc is a collective of 10 experimental-music blogs spanning continents and genres—-and now, it seems, it’ll also feature writing from members of Real Estate, Dirty Beaches, Future Shuttle, and other cool groups. To power the Kickstarter campaign, the embryonic blog is assembling a pretty hefty compilation; giveaways from sweet labels abound.

THE ASK: $33,333 by March 5