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YouTube video

Some interesting advice from Chuck Brown in this video: “Now you no longer have to risk your life going to the go-go. Bring the danger of the go-go right on home for that ass!” OK, so that isn’t actually the Godfather of Go-Go. And the product he’s pitching, Go-Go Guitar Hero, does not in fact exist.

D.C./LA comedian Brandon Broady is responsible for loving, spot-on parody, which promises hits like “The ’07 Ass Clap,” “The ’08 Ass Clap,” and “The ’09 Ass Class” and groups like, “BYB, TCB, CCB, UCB, XIB, TOB, BBBB, BBBBBB, and more.”

So, lessons learned: 1) Non-pros should not attempt the bounce beat; 2) maybe go-go will finally go mainstream this year?