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Live(ish): From Dischord comes a new Edie Sedgwick video, “Knocking on My Door,” self-produced by the band and composed of bits of various live performances in Italy, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovakia. World travelers, those guys.

Punk People Things: Speaking of Dischord, Chris Lehmann, The Awl blogger, author of Rich People Things (not to be confused with Stuff White People Like), and Newsday and Yahoo! News alum says he digs the label in a Fullstop interview: “I was very much influenced by punk rock and politically-minded bands like the Minutemen. My lead guitarist used to be in Ian MacKaye’s first band, Teen Idol. I like Fugazi, but I’m not of the D.C. hardcore scene, by any means. My stuff is more poppy.” Lehmann plays in The Charm Offensive.

All Gold Everything: Think you’ve read enough about Gold Leaf? Well, have a retrospective.

Yesterday on Arts Desk: Go-go Guitar Hero, LOL! Genesis Reboot at Synetic.