Dr. Funkenstein. The Godfather of Funk. The cool ghoul with the funk transplant. Whatever name you know George Clinton by, when he and the massive collective that makes up Parliment Funkadelic come to town, especially to Washington, D.C., “One Nation Under a Groove” takes on a higher meaning. And on Tuesday, the 71-year-old Clinton and his ministers of funk took over the 930 Club stage to an audience ready to show him some major love. True, you wouldn’t mistake the show for the Cap Center in the 1970s—-the visually stunning Mothership(s) may have gone on to better (and worse) things, there was no flying bird, and the Godfather was sans dread locks and sporting a sharp suit. But it was still absolutely something to see. Chocolate City has long loved Clinton and P-Funk, and based on all of the dancing Tuesday night, this band will forever be good to the ear holes of Washington, D.C. Respect will always be paid.

Additional photos from the set can be seen here.