Apparently Dismemberment Plan dude Travis Morrison once had another band called the Hellfluffers or something, and they had a song called “Moneytown” that could only be heard by people with cameraphones. Not for long! When Bad Friend Records puts out its retrospective Travis Morrison Hellfighters 7-inch, the original version of “Moneytown” will be the bonus download. You will not need a record player or a cameraphone to hear it. Also platform-agnostic is this dapper remix of “Moneytown” by Gavin Holland, a D.C. politician who is much better known as a disc jockey. Morrison’s lyrics (“Credit cards bury the old/Sailboats glide on lakes of gold”) are clunky, and his vocal performance is somewhat zany (natch), but Holland’s mix pulls out the words and envelopes them in a pure dancepop context, which makes everything seem aesthetically sensible. (Same universe: “Buffalo Gals,” “Puttin’ On The Ritz,” “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do.”) And now that *everybody* is poor, the song gains a whiff of irony. That’s entertainment!