in which, in the spirit of our recent D.C. Giving Guide, we recommend some worthy Kickstarter projects

PROJECT: The Bayou: DC’s Killer Music Joint, a documentary that a team of producers began working on in November 1998, less than two months before the Georgetown rock club shut its doors for good after operating for 45 years. The film includes interviews with the club’s owners, patrons, and performers, plus lots of live footage and music—-whose clearing rights could be funded by you, faithful Kickstarter user! Once completed, the film will air on public television stations in Virginia, Maryland, and elsewhere.

ASK: $22,000 by March 31

KARMA SCORE: 8, unless you object to the use of multiple-choice questions in movie trailers.

PROJECT: A solo CD of old-time American folk songs by Martha Burns. Good God is this video precious. Trying…to…snark….nope, can’t do it.

ASK: $6,500 by April 8.


PROJECT: The second season of UrbanArias, a local troupe that mounts short (less than 90 minutes) and new (penned in the last 35 years) opera works, and which—-you know, I hear—-puts on some pretty high-quality stuff. Their upcoming annual festival will feature UrbanArias’ first commission, Positions 1956 by Michael Korie and Conrad Composers. Highbrow! Sort of. In a good way!

THE ASK: $6,000 by March 24