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Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.

Friday, February 24: Jim Gaffigan at Warner Theatre
Following Louis C.K.’s example, the palest guy in comedy is releasing his new special independently through his website. This is a big deal. Gaffigan’s bit is so well known that singing a jingle about encased meats and cheeses in a bready container puts his voice in your head. His material isn’t edgy or too heady or racist/sexist/homophobic that it can only cater to one type of audience. It’s a big deal because his appeal is massive. He’s playing the Warner for a reason. His act is well-rehearsed, thought-out, and accessible to anyone who’s ever lived in America. Gaffigan is an excellent evening choice for someone who’s never seen stand-up but liked Seinfeld. $39.75-$49.75, 7:30 and 10 p.m., all ages. Also February 25.

Saturday, February 25: Andy Kindler at Arlington Drafthouse
A comic’s comic, Kindler is a loveable ranter, slowly seeping into the hearts of all curmudgeons. His yearly State of the Industry address at the Just For Laughs festival has been going for 16 years, delighting the funnier-slash-smarter-than-you-crowd. He hates the big targets, Leno, Kevin James, Dane Cook, and anyone who non-comedy nerds might find delightful. It’s kind of refreshing to see a man skewer folks who could really care less about a well-respected but far-from-well-known comic. It’s why comics love Kindler and why it’s unlikely he’ll ever be a sitcom star. $20, 7:30pm, all ages, also February 24.

Sunday, February 26: Sugar Shack at Black Cat
Oscar night! A great time to unfollow everyone you thought might have been funny on Twitter! Rather than find another way to hate social media, get out of the house and look at pretty people get nuder. The Sugar Shack burlesque troupe from New York are experts at making people smile/be happy. With some audience-friendly acts, the group presents a very welcome option for the non-Oscar fan. $12, 8pm, 21+.

Thursday, March 1: Bobcat Goldthwait at Riot Act
One of the biggest stand ups from two decades ago went from large theaters to what’s-he-up-to? status. He’s been making critically acclaimed, very dark comedies, directed Jimmy Kimmel Live, sketch shows like Chappelle’s Show and Important Things with Demetri Martin, and had small parts in films like Blow. He’s doing the opposite of what you thought the crazy guy from Police Academy would be doing. Goldthwait has had one of the most interesting comedic careers in recent memory. He’s doing stand-up but not so much stand-up where you’re sick of him. His stage persona still has that quivering and slightly too loud vocal affect, but his material is as smart as Maron’s or Gaffigan’s. Goldthwait has hit is stride. Hopefully folks can seperate him from the characters he played in the ’80s. $20, 8:30pm, 18+, also March 2 and 3.